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Book:   Perl Hacks
Subject:   A Great Collection of Perl Tricks
Date:   2007-02-09 02:53:36
From:   Shlomi Fish
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

I received this book as a token of appreciation for my contributions to the 2006 Perl Advent Calendar ( . It's the first book I read as part of the O'Reilly Hacks' series of books ( , and it proved to be a light yet informative and entertaining read.

The book covers various useful "hacks" or small tricks that allow one to achieve a lot of cool tasks when working with Perl. These tricks are unorthodox and stretch the limit of one's Perl knowledge. Since they require an advanced knowledge and understanding of Perl, I would recommend this book only for Perl experts. Some of the B:: using modules were even too high-level for me to understand how they worked internally. However, I understood the purpose of the code in all cases, even if I didn't understand the code itself.

So it is a recommended read for people who've worked with Perl a lot, and wish to learn many new and useful tricks. Perl Hacks for Perl hackers, indeed!