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Book:   Ajax Hacks
Subject:   Needs editor.
Date:   2006-11-14 11:02:07
From:   PerlKnitter
I'll admit I'm barely started on this. And, so far, the hacks work. But I am having troubles reading it because of minor editorial problems. Hopefully, this won't come across as whining, but considering the professionalism that you usually find in O'Reilly books, this was disappointing. So three examples and you can move on to the other glowing reviews.

First, a minor complaint about style. I am use to moving from project to project and having to adapt to a new style guide for the code. Which is fine. But this seems to be lacking any style in places. Consistent use of white space is mostly what I noticed. Not a big deal, but something that you notice when you type in the examples. Something that an editor should have caught.

Second was the naming of code snippets. Hack #4's HTML references hack3.js. So flip back to Hack #3. Hmm, no, this one is called http_request.js. Then you realize that hack3.js is in Hack #4. So, give the author the benefit of the doubt, maybe he just wanted to keep the scripts in numerical order and 3 was the next one in line. But then Hack #5 bursts that moment of optimisim by having hack9.js. Hack #6 jumps back to hack4.js. Editor, please?

Finally, there is the previously mentioned http_request.js in Hack #3. This has a couple of nice fuctions that we will be using in future hacks. Modularity is good. But then, at least for the next few hacks, it is not used. Instead you find for the sake of brevity, please see first or second hack for these functions. It seems like it would be even briefer to use the module already built for this purpose.

Buy the book. Just be prepared for a bit of disappointment if you are more detailed oriented.