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Book:   Swing Hacks
Subject:   This book is exactly what the title says
Date:   2006-10-25 23:19:56
From:   Swing Hacker!
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Right in the beginning of the book it states that some of the examples in this book "are just plain silly, in print only to prove it could be done".

However, I have found that most of the examples in this book (even if they seem silly at first) are real eye-openers to possible ideas for my own Swing applications.

If you use the book code as it was written, it probably won't do what you want. But since this is a book about hacks, keep hacking the code and you will get what you want (as even suggested in the text for most of the hacks in the book)!

This book does assume some knowledge of Swing, but I don't know why anyone who has never written a serious Swing app would be looking at this book in the first place. For those of us that have (and still are) writing Swing apps, this book is a godsend. I just wish it had more hacks, like how to get an IconImage to appear in the title of a non-resizable JDialog!