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Book:   Ubuntu Hacks
Subject:   The best collection of tips for GNU/Linux.
Date:   2006-09-05 16:08:37
From:   Mugara, Macintosh User Group Aragón (Spain)
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Ubuntu Hacks

A book with quick tips and short Howto's
The best collection of tips for GNU/Linux.

Ubuntu is a distro that is easy to obtain and install, but most of the hacks in this book can be applied to any GNU/Linux installation.

There are immediate fixes and solutions for the usual problems encountered by home and business users, whether they come from Windowsor Mac. For example, there are solutions for the use of wireless devices, input-output devices, PDA‚s (Palm or WindowsMobile), as well as sections on what to do if something goes wrong.

There is continuity between the chapters, which allows the user to learn gradually about "hacking" the system. It‚s not just a "list of tips from A to Z".

There are chapters devoted to security and the use of multimedia no only reproducing multimedia elements, but also creating and editing them.

In short, if your problem has happened to someone, this book has the solution.

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  • The best collection of tips for GNU/Linux.,  October 23 2006
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    Submitted by Anonymous Reader   [Respond | View]

    I've just gotten the disks from Ubuntu and needed this text to go along. O'Reilly is getting to be rather good with the editing for functional content.

    :-P However, I do save a $5 by buying the book from than from here :-P