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Book:   BSD Hacks
Subject:   Great, but missing some important bits
Date:   2006-05-18 17:47:46
From:   Michael Soulier
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

I just recently got into looking at FreeBSD, as a full-time Linux developer. This book is good on both platforms, as many of the tips work on any Unix.

I constantly found myself wondering how to do the same tasks I'm used to from Linux on FreeBSD, and this book did help me greatly for that.

Unfortunately, I did find it lacking, missing some very important areas for me, at home on an ADSL connection.

  1. running PPPoE

  2. running NAT

  3. setting up ipf (rc.conf, and the kernel module)

  4. replacing sendmail

I found these conspicuously missing, which is why I'm only giving the book four stars.

I also found that some simple concepts about ports were not properly explained

  1. Using portupgrade on a single package

  2. Using portupgrade to replace one package with another

  3. Fixing the multiple installed packages of different versions problem

Luckily, the FreeBSD community, the handbook, and some other community websites filled in these gaps. Still, these are important hacks that should have been covered.

A great read, and quite handy. Just missing some not-so-obvious but very important details.