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Book:   Swing Hacks
Subject:   Finally -- an advanced Swing book
Date:   2005-08-05 18:57:19
From:   Ronald Hughes
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

Awesome. This is a Swing book unlike any other.
It doesn't regurgitate the entire API for every
Swing widget -- there are lots of other books that
do that -- but rather, this book provides particular
complete pieces of code that do AMAZING things.
Some show how easily to create cool visually rich
customizations that work the way Swing was designed
to be used, while others are clever tricks that do
stuff that the Swing designers obviously never

I love the way the examples are minimal yet
complete. It's code that can easily be hacked
into an already-existing application.

It's time for Java apps to surge back onto the
desktop. This book is gonna help make that happen.