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Book:   Smart Home Hacks
Subject:   Good book on DIY HA!
Date:   2004-12-18 16:21:31
From:   Linux HA
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

The author covers HA from the prospective of the MAC, OSX, XTension HA software and mostly X10 but don't hold that against him as it's not the goal of the book. I treated this book as more of an idea book and almost all the ideas are portable to other scriptable/extendable software. It's for those of us who have a little imagination, some programming experience and the willingness to put a little effort into programming. It is in no way a recipe book where you follow the directions step by step to build a project. I really like the book and I really find it perfect for bathroom reading (you can read a section pretty quick to get your ideas). :-)

And I forgive the author for not cover Linux better. :-)