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Book:   PayPal Hacks
Subject:   Good, but...
Date:   2004-10-06 14:55:28
From:   Paul
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

I like the format of the Hacks series, and I had high hopes for this one. It presents quite a bit of information in an easy to find manner, along the way detailing posibilities one might not have otherwise thought of. It does have some flaws though, in my mind deserving just under 4-stars.

There are two small issues I have with this book. First, some of these hacks feel like filler, many of these would be obvious if one were to read PayPals online documentation. The counter to this though is that Oreilly does post the table of contents online, so one can make that judgement for themselves.

The second reason is purely subjective, but an annoying one for me. Every single Hack I've looked at so far, for any server side code, it uses a .NET language, mostly ASP. I was somewhat surprised that neither PHP or JSP/Servlets were mentioned. As they stuck to just one language, some of the code samples seemed pretty heavy and unnecessary.

The book does present some useful information though and does deserve a serious look.