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Book:   BSD Hacks
Subject:   Backbone
Date:   2004-09-16 08:11:29
From:   mindmerge
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This book is fantastic. This is one of those books that sets O'Reilly apart from other publishers. BSD Hacks is easy to read, extremely informative and very low on fluff!

My particular favorite hacks:
- Protecting Password with Blowfish Hashes (hack 29)
- Strip the Kernel (hack 54)
- Tune FreeBSD for Different Applications (hack 69)
- Traffic Shaping on FreeBSD (Hack 70)

Many more good hacks, this is a must have. BSD books have not been plentiful in the past years in comparison to other OS's. This book more than makes up for that lack of attention.

This book helps to form the strong backbone of the hacks body of books. Thank you Dru, and thank you O'Reilly for this series that cuts straight to the point.