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Book:   Online Investing Hacks
Subject:   Does Tim know about this?
Date:   2004-07-09 10:20:28
From:   geek
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I am sad to see the company once celebrated for publishing the early Nutshell books, and others such as Unix Power Tools and the Perl books, etc., selling a book on gambling tips. And for O'Reilly, to apply the word "hack" to this title...
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  • Re: Does Tim know about this?,  April 09 2009
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    Submitted by themartellekid   [Respond | View]

    This book was not as good as the Nutshell books but interesting enough for investors to find something of use.
    I am not sure what geek means by his last statement. A hack is described as 'Hacks are tools, tips, and tricks that help users solve problems.' Which I think describes the book.