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Book:   Online Investing Hacks
Subject:   One gentle caveat
Date:   2004-07-09 09:44:25
From:   Wary Investor
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First, an up-front admission: I have read the table of contents, not the book. For the purpose set forth, the book may be excellent, but there is the very real danger of the "improved means to an unimproved end." There are many sources (such as Bill Bernstein's web page and books) that show (1) how important Asset Allocation is; it APPEARS to be a tiny part of this book. And (2) predicting what will happen in the future is a fool's errand. If you want to do computer calculations, this book looks great. If you want to build a solid portfolio, my experience suggests that you should study Asset Allocation strategies, rebalancing, index funds and web pages like Bernstein's. In my humble opinion. Your mileage may vary. Objects in the mirror may be closer ...