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Book:   Spidering Hacks
Subject:   Spidering Hacks Review
Date:   2003-11-24 09:02:21
From:   Mike Sipin
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

I have been trying to find a Java book that offered me tips and tricks on how to scrape the Internet, glean the most tasty bits of it, and put them to good use. I ran across "Spidering Hacks", by Kevin Hemenway and Tara Calishain, which was exactly what I wanted - only it's base language is Perl.

To my delight, the authors' writing is so lucid, their support and encouragement so welcome, and their examples so closely matched to my needs - that I immediately picked up this book, and dove headlong into the vast and beautiful world that is Perl.

Despite my preference for programming in Java for Internet-related tasks, I highly recommend this book, even for those unfamiliar with the Perl programming language, as this book is written so well that you can get up and running purely on the strength of the authors' talents. I am very impressed with this book.

Kudos to the authors.