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Book:   Linux Server Hacks
Subject:   Linux Server Hacks Review
Date:   2003-07-03 09:34:47
From:   Alex Belt of the Columbia Java Users Group
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This is a good book for Linux enthusiasts, and a great book for sys admins. The book covers a wide range of material, and while I’m likely to only use a fraction of the tips in the book, it is a good resource for ideas. The book covers most functions that a server is required to perform, in addition to monitoring the server itself.

The hacks are organized into sections based on the function they are related to, i.e., basics, networking, SSH, etc. The hacks in any given section vary widely, so it is nice to have a general idea where information about particular aspects can be found.

The author clearly has a good grasp of the material, and does a good job in communicating the information. This is not a book for beginners, and those who are fairly new should get more experience with Linux before attempting to read this.