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Book:   Linux Server Hacks
Subject:   Linux Server Hacks Review
Date:   2003-02-25 18:14:15
From:   Kenneth Wilcox
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When this book arrived at my door, I was really excited. By page ten I was beginning to think "Damn this is a really good book". While this is geared for the sys admin, general users could still learn from it's examples. This book is very thin, but don't let that fool you. It's 100% meat, not fat of fluff here. (If you're a vegetarian, this is a fresh garden salad!) With 100 tips broken down into eight categories make this book a quick fix for some of the daily problems that can arise. The cross reference between hacks is also appreciated. One thing that annoys me about most books is they will say "We've already discussed how to do that so lets move on" This book flat out tells you, "In hack #50...."

I wan't more of these, they need to do one for "Joe User" as well as developers.