Paul Browne

Paul Browne 
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Using Drools in Your Enterprise Java Application
Enterprise Java developers have many fine framework choices at the presentation and persistence levels, but what about the business logic that sits in the middle? Do you want to recompile a mass of if ... then spaghetti code every time a manager drops a new gotcha in your lap? In this article, Paul Browne suggests that a rule engine like Drools may be an ideal fit for this task. Aug. 24, 2005

Give Your Business Logic a Framework with Drools
It's almost too easy to express your business logic as a spaghetti-code fiasco. The result is hard to test, hard to maintain, and hard to update. Rule engines offer an alternative: express your business logic as rules, outside of your Java code, in a format even the business side of the office can understand. Paul Browne uses the open source Drools framework to introduce the idea. Aug. 3, 2005