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Randy Alberts 
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Inside Animusic's Astonishing Computer Music Videos
Composer Wayne Lytle's custom software transforms musical notes into jaw-dropping 3D animations. The resulting DVDs have sold tens of thousands of copies. Watch excerpts here and learn how Lytle turned his digital pipe dream into a thriving business. Mar. 22, 2006

Special Report: New Music Gear from NAMM
The NAMM show is Mecca for musicians—acres upon acres of sparkling new instruments, pro audio gear, and music software, most of it not even released yet. But the show is not open to the public. Our team spent four days combing the halls and prodding the prototypes to round up this audiovisual gallery of what you'll be playing this year. Jan. 25, 2006

Andy West: From Dregs to (Software) Riches
Dixie Dregs co-founder Andy West discovered that virtuosity can be a liability in the music world, but a benefit in technology. Now this four-time Grammy nominee programs computers by day and pursues his amazing music at night, drawing the best from both disciplines. Here's how. Jan. 4, 2006

Josh Gabriel: From Programmer to No. 1 Remixer
Ten years before remix entered the musical lexicon, Josh Gabriel was inventing machines that remixed electronic dance music, eventually leading to Mixman, the first popular remixing program. A dozen No. 1 Billboard dance mixes followed. Now his inventor's mind has turned to the internet. Dec. 14, 2005

Vince Lawrence: 8,000 Square Feet of iTunes
Step inside the cavernous studio of Chicago's Slang Musicgroup, where teams of computer-packing producers create hit songs and remixes in a vast range of styles—inspired by 20,000 CDs worth of networked iTunes. Oct. 26, 2005

Julian Kwasneski: Inside Game Audio
If you've played Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, James Bond, or any number of NBA, NFL, PGA, or NCCA console games, you've likely heard the music and sound effects of Bay Area Sound. Cofounder Julian Kwasneski takes us inside the process of optimizing audio for games, then shares five MP3s. Sep. 21, 2005

The Synful Orchestra: Better Music Through Database Splicing
Eric Lindemann’s goal is to help musicians play more expressively, and this inventor, composer, and former session keyboardist has developed some groundbreaking technology to do it. The Synful Orchestra is a new concept in virtual instruments that has audiences buzzing. Here’s how it works. Sep. 7, 2005

Roger Manning, Jr.: The Digital Cookbook
The analog virtuoso behind the Moog Cookbook, Beck, Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, and countless ads and soundtracks shares his tasty digital production tips. Aug. 17, 2005

Doug Wyatt: Architect of Synchronicity
Open Music System (OMS) mastermind Doug Wyatt is wrapping up a new ambient CD, and we go behind the scenes to explore his unique programming and recording techniques. Never has digital music been so analog. Aug. 10, 2005

Gary Garritan: A Personal Orchestra for Everyone
Producer Gary Garritan has made it his mission to put a high-quality digital orchestra in your hands—along with extensive free training. Hear how composers have seized the opportunity. Jul. 20, 2005

Adam Williams: Massive Guitars, Micro Computers
The former Powerman 5000 guitarist reveals how to make huge guitar sounds on a home computer—without waking the neighbors—then shares loads of MP3 examples. Jun. 15, 2005

Steve Turnidge: Turning Weed into Green
Go behind the scenes with the co-founder of Weedshare.com, the service that pays you--and the original artist--to share music. Driven by ex-Microsoft and Real Networks employees, Weed is totally legal, and even supports surround sound. May. 25, 2005

Johnny “Juice” Rosado: Digital Public Enemy
Chuck D’s right-hand man explains the high-tech (and surprisingly low-tech) secrets behind the Public Enemy sound, then shares a track from the group’s upcoming album. Apr. 20, 2005

BJ Leiderman: Rocking the Bottom of the Dial
Meet BJ Leiderman, the melodic mastermind behind National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, PRI’s Marketplace, and countless more unstoppable themes. Then hear two previously unreleased demo songs—with commentary. Mar. 30, 2005

Doc Wiley: Master of the 30-Hour Album
Pro Tools wiz Doc Wiley combines studio psychology and cutting-edge technology to coax the best performances out of artists ranging from U2 to Whitney Houston. Here are some of his favorite approaches. Mar. 16, 2005

Roger McGuinn: 8 Drives High
Former Byrds guitarist Roger McGuinn was shot down by record companies that grabbed nearly all of the profits from his hit songs. Now he builds his own computers, records at home, and sells directly to fans. Mar. 2, 2005

The Angel with Digital Wings
Fusing hip-hop, drum ’n’ bass, movie soundtracks, and cutting-edge digital workstation technology, The Angel creates music that’s essential listening. Jan. 19, 2005

Frank Serafine: Turning Elephants into Explosions
Academy Award-winning sound designer Frank Serafine discusses the art and science of sound effects, tape-baking, and why selling all his analog gear on eBay made him happier musically. Jan. 12, 2005

Interview: Tal Herzberg, the Long Arm of the DAW
Producer/engineer Tal Herzberg shares the digital audio techniques that earned him Grammy nominations for Best Engineered Non-Classical Album and Record of the Year. Jan. 5, 2005

Reeking Havok with the Experience Music Project
High-tech drummer Reek Havok develops interactive music technology for Seattle’s Experience Music Project museum. In this interview, he takes you behind the scenes and shares his software groove secrets.  Dec. 1, 2004

Interview: GrandMixer DXT Scratches Deep into Digital
The drummer who introduced vinyl scratching to the world, GrandMixer DXT, reveals how to add expressive rhythms to digital music production. Nov. 24, 2004

Interview: Gina Fant-Saez Builds the Global Studio
Top recording engineer Gina Fant-Saez (Sting, U2, King Crimson) unveils her laptop studio and web-based collaboration network that offers renowned session musicians to play on your songs. Nov. 3, 2004

Interview: Carmen Rizzo—Synthesizing the World
If Carmen Rizzo were in a circus, he'd be its best juggler. It's amazing how this Hollywood-based producer, composer, and remixer keeps artists, songs, technologies, concerts, films, studios, continents, and even trustees aloft. Appropriately, one of his remixes appears this year on Cirque du Soleil's 20th Anniversary CD. Oct. 26, 2004